Guppy Grass Najas & Java Moss - Where to find it and care

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Because my well water has nitrates in it, and because I would like to have some guppy fry survive, I have decided to add some low maintenance live plants to my 36 gallon 1 month old tank. I purchased a couple marimo balls and want to grow najas guppy grass and java moss. I purchased a small amount of najas on Ebay, but the specimen I received is not doing well. Most of it was just little (1 inch) pieces. I tucked smaller pieces into a plastic mat artificial plant on the bottom of the tank, and wrapped the longer strand around a circle made of air tube to float at the surface. So far, the floating longer strands have thinned out and do not look healthy.

I have the tank about 5 feet (not in direct line of - but rather diagonally from) a southwest facing window (in SC USA) so it gets indirect sunlight and have the standard light that came with the hood of my tank.

Is this enough light for the najas? For my (not yet received) java?
Where can I get some more guppy grass - viable pieces?

I wanted to list in the buy/sell area, but I'm too new of a member to do so - so I need some other ideas.

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It sounds like the light that came with your tank is not the right color range. Aquatic plants prefer lights around the 6500k range. What kind of light fixture do you have? Is it a tube style light, or does it have screw in sockets, LED? You may just need to replace the bulb with one that is around 6500k.

As for plants, they are easy to ship and there are many good vendors on places like ebay and Check out the vendors rating and go with a highly rated person. Java Moss is really common. Check any local forums where you live if you want to get some locally. Sometimes craigslist has some plants for sale. Also is a good plant specific sight. They have local forums for each state, and you could try posting something there.

Some other suggestions for real easy to grow plants are hornwort, anacharis, and frogbit. They are all nitrate sponges. They grow easily just as floaters thrown in the tank. Anacharis can be planted like a stem plant if you prefer.
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