Guppy Girls Pregnant can anyone advise how long?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by LindaMS, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. LindaMSValued MemberMember

    Hi everyone,

    I bought these two girls two days ago and they are both pregnant it seems. They are in a QT tank but I do have a breeding tank now hanging of the side and sharing ther same water.

    I need help knowing when these girls are near their time and when I should move one, if I should?

    I have added floating plastic weed to help save the babies if I do not spot it in time.

    Any guideline would help, the red one was hanging out behind the heater last night nose down and I thought she was in labour, today she is out and about...

    Also I am really keen to know exactly what colour you call these red what? yellow something?? Anyone know? There seem to be so many names for patterns I am confused. Mosaic, snakeskin, lace etc.

    Please see Rosy and Primrose attached.


  2. LindaMSValued MemberMember

    Update. Sadly...Red girl is currently giving birth but they are all dropping to floor of tank like little round peas with eyes. No swimmers, they are bing eaten as they drop...I rescued 3 before I realised they were not viable.
    I assume this means that the stress has caused her to give birth too early? She just arrived at Petbarn Thursday and I got her shortly after her major journey there.
    Could she retain any any give birth to live later?
  3. LindaMSValued MemberMember

    Further update,

    I moved the other girl into the breeding box to stop her eating the fry/eggs of the other girl. She started having baby fry too but also eggs with black eye dots. I read somewhere else that these yellow eys with black eyes may survive if they break free within 3 hours - anyone know if this is true?
  4. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    I have no idea if they stand a chance of survival or not, I've never had mine do this :/ it sounds like the fry are being aborted due to stress, I'm sorry, that really sucks :(

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  5. LindaMSValued MemberMember

    Yes I think so, they had only arrived at PetBarn when I got them, they were already stressed and then they had to come to me. Both have dropped eggs with black eyes, I decided there was no point stressing the other girl out so they are together now.

    One live fry in the red girl's tank before I moved yellow back. They were both very pregnant so all the stress so close to B Day was too much for them.

    I captured it and put it into the breeder. Plucky little guy, or girl...I do not know if that one was born swimming or an egg and broke free. I will leave all the eggs until the morning, if no life I will vacuum them up.

    Hopefully they all settle down and my baby grows too. So far I have not had any more die on me yet.

    Here's hoping I master this fish keeping thing soon for everyones sake!

  6. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    Sorry to hear your fish delivered early. Buying a pregent female is fun as you don't know what your fry will look like. If you have a male guppy, you'll be having more fry in about a month.
  7. LindaMSValued MemberMember

    Yes I do but he is in QT at the moment with another girl. I will keep these two for a while alone in case they reproduce again from previous male.

    I have one little fry! I am calling Alpha :)
  8. aquaman86Valued MemberMember

    Those are some nice female guppies. Try putting the prego guppy in a separate tank (5 gallon) that is heavily planted. I had great success with this method as it doesn't stress the guppy out.
  9. LindaMSValued MemberMember

    Hi Aquaman, I am just waiting for delivery (hopefully today) of a couple more heaters and I will be able to do that. As they have both delivered in QT I am just waiting to see if they are ok. If I could be sure one or both is pregnant again I will move them into their own spaces.

    In less than 2 weeks I have 5 tanks on the waiting for a heater that is for my baby Alpha who is currently living in the external breeding box attached to the main tank.

    Once my 90 litre is up an cycled and I can move my other QT fish into that it will get easier. I have it in mind to buy a couple of all in one Nano type tanks for future babies/pregnancies. Photos of the two planted tanks I have started (the 40 litre was just filled last night after a complete scrub down) one still has to have its heater and air added. I want to add more plants and a background to the 90 litre too.
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