Guppy Gender

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Fishbeginner01, Jun 18, 2018.


Boy or girl

  1. Boy

  2. Girl

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  1. F

    Fishbeginner01 New Member Member

    popping the question again as he/she has changed quite a bit. Boy or girl?
    It’s tail is a lot more colorful with more pattern then my full grown females. It’s is getting some spots too which makes me think boy, bu the top fun looks tall so I’m not sure. I couldn’t get a good still so I took a couple short videos of it swimming but couldn’t post them so here are the best screen shots...

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  2. FishGirl38

    FishGirl38 Valued Member Member

    I can't see the gono in the picutres. But I would say male. The coloration and body type looks like male.

    If he has a straight, pointy fin underneath his belly, he is male.
    If the fin underneath his belly looks like an actual 'fin'. and is triangle shaped, she is female.

    But I'm almost 85% sure that he's a male.
  3. Dan12boy

    Dan12boy Valued Member Member

    I think it's a she but as fishgirl said you've got to check under the belly for a straight pointy fin
    If it's there it's surely a he
  4. Bearwithfish

    Bearwithfish Valued Member Member

    Wow it is really hard to see the vent fin in those pictures. Even when I enlarge them I think boy in one pic and girl in the next.. Is there any way to can get a slightly closer and perhaps clearer shot? I know this is not easy.
  5. OP

    Fishbeginner01 New Member Member

    Are these any better?

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  6. Bearwithfish

    Bearwithfish Valued Member Member

    @Fishbeginner01 - yes those pics are a LOT better.

    From these pictures, you can see that the anal fin looks like a stick. This is called the gonopodium (male reproductive organ). Its a BOY!!!!!

    a girls fin in the same location would be flat not round.
  7. Mcasella

    Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    The females anal fin will be fan or triangle shaped, the males is like a rod. Tail color doesn't mean much with the fancy guppies now. Sex by the anal fin and you won't be wrong.
  8. Dan12boy

    Dan12boy Valued Member Member

    Yea it's surely a boy
    The gonopodium is much easier to see

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