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    Welcome to my new blog!
    I hope I haven't broken any rules regarding the blogs. I just don't know where the 'New Blogs' section is.
    saw some babies scooting along the floor of my 23 gallon! Grabbed a net and a cup and managed to scoop out sixteen within the week.

    I began feeding them crushed flakes each day.

    Unfortunately, no pictures :'(

    1 Week Update:

    Feeding crushed flakes still, except now they take it more readily.

    They are growing fast. They have increased in size by about 30% over the week and I can now identify blue, yellow and red colour morphs.

    Here are some pictures.


    I'll try to update each weekend!


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  2. phantom

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    beautiful fish!!!
  3. OP

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    Whoops I accidentally attached a pic of my betta
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    Aww they’re so cute and small! Can’t wait to see them all grown up