Guppy fry tank questions

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Bellusion, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. BellusionValued MemberMember

    My guppy is going to give birth anyday. I've been searching for a small tank that would match my kitchen.. because it's the only place I have available.

    We finally picked the hawkeye 3 gallon 360 (it's a kit), haven't bought it yet. I am not thrilled with the choice but it's the best we could find and we looked for a couple of weeks. Is anyone familiar with this tank? Is the included filter decent? I just want the tank and am not opposed to tossing the rest.

    Will the fry need a heater?

    Is the tank big enough for fry? What about any tankmates?

    My other choice is to move the betta to the 3 gallon (after cycling of course) and give the fry the 10 gallon. I don't want to do this though, I don't think 3 gallons is big enoigh for my betta.

    Thanks, completely new to fry.
  2. lily potter1223Valued MemberMember

    I don't have any experience with that tank but IMO undergravel filters aren't the best

    Yes fry will need a heater unless your room temp is very constant with no fluctuations around 78*. But having a heater is the better choice.

    The tank size depends on how many fry you intend to keep. And if you're going to keep them until adulthood. I would say you could only keep 2-3 adult guppies in there, considering there is enough filtration and you're keeping up on water changes. If it's just a grow out tank for the fry, maybe 6-7 (?) until they're about 1/2 inch, and then they can return to the original tank.

    Or you can just add a bunch of java moss/ hornwort to your original tank for the fry to hide in, leave the prego guppy then wait for the best... or the worst. But then your female will have MORE babies, since they store sperm.
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  3. Blk69Valued MemberMember

    Yes you need a heater. You can keep the fry in smaller tank till they get a little bigger and than put back in your main tank.

    if you are lucky enough to have your guppies not die out like mine, you will have a lot of fish on your hands soon.
  4. Elsi OuztsNew MemberMember

    I have guppies that I breed. I just left them in the main tank with some drift wood and a well planted tank. My first had 9 babies and 8 survived. I've had 3 more batches and I have tons of babies that have done fine. The adults don't even bother them now
  5. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    3 gallons is just fine for your betta, but it's not going to be fine for your guppy fry. If you want them to grow well, they need clean water AND lots of food. The combination doesn't work in a 3 gallon tank.

    How much space do you have available in your kitchen for the tank? As long as your home remains a constant temp, guppies actually don't need a heater. They do fine in anything from 60-87 degree water as long as the temp is stable. Obviously higher temps yield faster growth.

    Another option would be to keep the fry in a breeder trap in the main tank and release them when they're large enough to escape mom and dad.

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