Guppy Fry at Random

Discussion in 'Sexing Livebearers' started by jokerrk, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. jokerrkValued MemberMember


    I have 6 female guppies, 3 male guppies and 2 cory catfish in a 20 gallon tank.
    Today I was going to feed them when I noticed something very small fly to the top with food, grab it and fly back down to the plants. Right now I only see 1 fry but do you think there are more to come? Also, I do not have a 2nd tank or a breeders net, is there anything I can do to help them out? Is it possible to put the fry in a bowl with the same tank water if I change the water daily?
  2. matthew36New MemberMember

  3. jokerrkValued MemberMember

    could I still use a net for the babies? Or would they be too small to put inside
  4. matthew36New MemberMember

    like a net for catching fish are a breeder net? if a net to catch i think so.
  5. matthew36New MemberMember

    i think u can put them a bowl. I never try it
  6. jokerrkValued MemberMember

    Hey, I just went to the store quick to buy the mesh breeder net. I need some help though. None of them look pregnant at least to me, so I am trying to take pictures/record them. Do you think you can help me out? I put one inside the net and she was going nuts, so I put her back in the tank because I didn't want to stress her out.
  7. aquaticValued MemberMember

    One of the simplest ways to help them out is more plants. I have a forest on the bottom of the tank and quite a bunch at the top and the fry like to hide out in both areas and the survival rate is quite high with that. By having lots of plants it alleviates the need for a breeder net. Not all fry will survive, but then again not many people have the ability to raise hundreds of fry (which can happen quickly with your 6 females who can birth every month).

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