Guppy Floating In One Spot

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Brenden, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. BrendenValued MemberMember

    So this is an update of a previous thread I made where the same guppy was pooping white and shaking. Well, that problem stopped, but his weird behavior continues.

    I call this guppy "Banana" cause of his coloring.

    So he likes to float on the right side of the tank, semi-vertically, looking out the tank for hours at a time. He WILL eat, he does poop, he does occasionally swim around with the other 2 guppies...but he spends most of his time alone, floating, in one spot.

    Behaviors I have noticed from Banana:

    - Likes to float in spots for hours at a time, only moving if another guppy swims close to him. Then he joins them for like 5 minutes, before returning to his spot.

    -He likes to swim near decorations, and is almost "laying" on them.

    -He eats, but he doesn't eat nearly as much as the other two guppies. He waits until they're done, then swims in and gets like one to two flakes and if he ate in the morning, he refuses to eat at night, minus one bite or so.

    -Aside from floating in one spot, all other issues he has had are gone. He literally just floats, almost like he is asleep, then all of a sudden "wakes up", acts normal shortly, then resumes being odd.

    I have noticed if I am not looking at him, he is swimming around with the other fish acting relatively normal. When I go to look at him, or check on him after being out of my room for a bit, he starts the odd behavior.

    Is this a health concern? Or do I just have a guppy with a personality. Let me know please :)
  2. Crimson_687Well Known MemberMember

    Have you had him for a long time?
    Does there appear to be any signs of a secondary infections? Secondary infections can sometimes be so light they are hardly noticeable, then the moment they become stressed or weak in the slightest it manifests immediately and the infection is severe
    Is it perhaps swim bladder, or maybe his gills are damaged so he is hanging out at the top to get more oxygen? Is there a reason oxygen levels in your tank may be low?
    Is he being bullied by the others?
  3. BrendenValued MemberMember

    I bought him 2 days ago with 2 other guppies.

    Haven't noticed any signs of infections, been looking at him very closely.

    I have had fish with swim bladder, and it doesn't seem to be the case since he is only at that angle when floating. When he swims, he swims normally with no wiggle, no angle, nothing. Completely normal swimming.

    I also checked his gills and compared him to the other 2 guppies with normal behavior, and they were identical. No clear issues.

    As far as oxygen, don't believe their are any issues since no other fish show any issues, and the filter is working smoothly.

    As far as bullying? That may actually be the case. There are two other guppies, all 3 are male. There is a black one, that leaves him alone. Then there is a Blonde, that likes to swim near him, and bump him. When the blonde bumps him, I've noticed it "wakes him up" and he leaves his spot and chases the blonde around the tank. I don't know what fish bullying looks like as I've never had any fish that do that and this is my first time with guppies. So idk if maybe the Blonde constantly pestering him is what's causing him to isolate himself in a corner.
  4. AugustVNew MemberMember

    Although it's not common for stores to sell old guppies I have seen guppies that are at the end of their lifespan behave like this. Just like humans that are towards the end, they tend to move less and sleep more. Just a thought.
  5. BrendenValued MemberMember

    Well the store is Pet Smart and the guy swore it was new shipment of young fish. Which may be true since Banana is smaller than the other 2 guppies. Don't really think he's reached the end of his life. Too small imo.
  6. BrendenValued MemberMember


    Guppy survived yet another night. Slept like normal, woke up.

    Fed them this morning and noticed the guppy didn't even try to eat. I'm assuming he's likely stressed, as he isn't going for food.

    However I don't think he's going to die anytime soon as it's been a few nights and he's still going. However I will continue to monitor Banana for the next few weeks.