Guppy Depressed?????


My guppy had babies like two weeks ago. I separated all the fry by putting them in a breeder box. Babies are perfectly fine but the mom seems depressed like she misses her babies. She just stays by the bottom of tank usually under the breeder box.. Her fins are usually down. She just seems mopey. Should I put her with her babies ? Or will she eat them? They are big enough to were I see their fins..


Well I wouldn't suggest it if you don't want to take a chance of her eating them. I swear I believe in guppy depression as well. I once had 5 male guppys 3 of them died of the year from dropsy. I had two left who were best friends for many months after. And then the had dropsy... I took him out and tried my hardest to solve it with salt baths non stop. Sadly he didnt make it. Anyway I noticed the last guppy did the same thing on the floor all sad closed fins. He eat a couple pellets and that was it. I told my mom I needed to get more guppys or he might die from this. She told me no more and he sadly passed... I also have a betta fish who was with another male in a divider who has done the same thing... #FishDepression

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