Guppy Death

  1. seth rodgers

    seth rodgers Member Member

    I had two male guppies in a 10 gallon tank that recently died. I did not have the chance to check the water parameters while they were alive however the other platy I have in there is still alive a thriving quite frankly. Are guppies sensitive? I just want to know for future reference.
  2. Goldiemom

    Goldiemom Well Known Member Member

    Some say they are sensitive but mine have been pretty hearty and easy to raise.
  3. NLindsey921

    NLindsey921 Well Known Member Member

    I had to put my fish in a 5 gallon bucket for a week and my guppies proved more sensitive than my rams. The guppies were the first to go.
  4. OP
    seth rodgers

    seth rodgers Member Member

    Thanks yall