Guppy changing color from orange to silver

  1. lfabb

    lfabb Valued Member Member

    Been reading up on various guppy issues but none seem to fit so hoping someone here will be able to help. I've had 3 male guppies for over a month now. The orange one has slowly over this last week begun to change colors. His tail is less bright orange and his body is a light orange but mainly a silver color. His tail is also showing signs of this silver. His fins are in tact, and color is spreading from his body outward towards find not from the ends in. Not sure if this is a genetic thing or a fungus/bacterial infection I need to worry about. No one else in the tank seems affected at all. He's eating and swimming normally.

    20 gal high tank densely planted
    80 degrees
    0.25ppm ammonia (doing daily water changes with prime not sure why ammonia won't go away)
    0 nitrite
    ~30 nitrate
  2. Lucky Guppy

    Lucky Guppy Valued Member Member

    1 .Male guppies in isolation from females and close proximity to other males can change colors / color intensity.
    2 .Usually isolated from females and depending on the genetics a male may begin to display a large darkened spot on its body.
    3 .If they are young males they may still be in the process of Puberty and color changes will happen as the fish grows.
    4 .^ All of the above are normal for guppies.

    NB. If it is illness your best bet for a diagnosis is to show a close up picture or upload a video of the guppy to YouTube and paste the link here and hopefully someone will be able to tell what it is.