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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Katkatt, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. KatkattNew MemberMember

    I recently just cycled my ten-gallon and took the recommendation for getting five guppies (though they are all female, not male). I just have a few questions.

    1. One of my guppies is pregnant, how do I care for her, the fry, and when should I separate her into a hatchery?

    2. Do females have different requirements than males? If so, what are they?

    3. Is putting their tank within view of my two male betta bad for the betta? I heard putting similar looking fish within view of them is stressful- but they're females so not that similar? I'm concerned but not too worried on this one. (The betta cannot see each other, they're in different tanks and have a solid divider, so don't worry about them :cat: )

    And, an optional fourth, does anyone have any good threads on guppy care? I know the basics but I want to be prepared.

    Apologies, but I'm very new to this all, haha.

    Also, would it be possible for me to add any more fish such as neon tetras? The tank isn't very big, only ten gallons, but I'm curious.
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  2. fjhWell Known MemberMember

    1) if you want to separate her, you can. Just don't put her in one of those plastic breeder boxes - this stresses them and often whey will abort the fry. If you can get the net kind, that is way better.
    If you are moving her to a different tank, do it about 1 week+ before she is going to drop. If you are putting her in a breeder box, do it as late as possible, even once she starts birthing.
    I would just let her give birth in the tank though. Don't separate her at all. The separation will stress her, and guppies eating fry is not as common as people think. If you have a lot of floating plants/decor, this will ensure the fry have a safe place to hide. Also, this way you probably won't have to cull any (that are deformed, etc)

    2) No other requirements :)

    3)I doubt it will stress your betta, since usually they can't see through the glass (or at least not well). The reason you don't want to have similar looking fish with a betta (large colorful fins) is the betta might attack it if in the same tank, or else flare at it. Bettas will flare at their own reflection even, but too much flaring is stressful for the betta.
    You should be fine though, I wouldn't worry about this one ;)

    4) I wouldn't get any other fish just now. If your pregnant guppy gives birth, you will have 20-40 fry. Let's say even half those fry grow to adulthood, then you will be overrun with fish!
    Eventually, you will want to separate the male fry so that they don't get your females pregnant again, repeating the cycle. So you could set up another tank to put the males in, at which point you may get other fish to add to that tank (depending on size or tank and how many guppies are in there).
    Also, females can hold sperm, and have 2-4 pregnancies from a single mating. So expect more fry from your pregnant female ;P
  3. KelceyMaeraeiValued MemberMember

    I completely agree with @fjh and would like to add that if you don't have a grow out tank and are not planning to get one, you should just leave the fry in the tank and see what happens. If you save every fry and don't have somewhere else for them to go, you will very quickly become overstocked.
  4. adh/smileWell Known MemberMember

    Hi! I have a 10 gallon tank with 3 male guppies. I didn't get females because of the possibility they could be pregnant and overpopulate such a small space. So I don't have any experience with guppy fry or pregnant females. I do know that you feed and care for them the same no matter what gender they are.

    I have a betta as well in a separate tank and they used to be side by side (then I got a bigger tank for the betta and had to move his location). My betta is very social and loved being in sight of the guppies. He didn't act aggressive or flare at all.

    I wouldn't put any other fish in your 10 gallon tank with all of the guppies you'll have once your one female gives birth. Guppies also produce A TON of waste. So you might not even want all of your guppies in a 10 gallon. You might want to upgrade to a bigger tank, or let the "survival of the fittest" survive from your fry.
  5. HappyGuppiesValued MemberMember

    If you want to save all the babies, have a separate cycled tank for them ready in advance. The adult guppies will eat their babies. I recommend not getting any new fish at this time because your new fish may not be compatible with your tankmates and this might stress your pregnant guppies. Never stress your fish.

    Baby guppies are hard to care for. Not all of them are going to live long enough to grow up as an adult. They need very clean water, good caring, and make sure none of the babies are sick. I remember this gives me nightmare everyday. I keep having the same dream of a baby guppy dying. When I go check on them, they're fine. It is very stressful. Now i just keep all male guppies.
  6. FishL:))Well Known MemberMember

    Hello and welcome!!
    No problem, It's great that you are doing your research properly . :) And everyone here is very helpful! Everyone pretty much answered your questions and you can totally ask more when you need help! :) Best of luck!!
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  7. FishL:))Well Known MemberMember

    IMO raising Guppy Fry is a breeze. :)
    In proper surroundings there should be VERY few deaths. :) I usually only have 1-2 babies die for each berth.
  8. adh/smileWell Known MemberMember

    I agree, you are doing a GREAT job researching! It's wonderful to know there are so many fish lovers here to help each other. I've learned so much from joining this forum and hope you will too! Every one has been so helpful and nice. No negativity!!!

    If you were to eventually have tank mates with your guppies (you might not have enough space after the babies arrive) I have kuhli loaches and neon tetras with my male guppies. I even had my betta in with the guppies and neons before I wanted to get some loaches and he did just fine with them! But that really depends on the betta and mine just happened to be a nice guy so it worked out.

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