Guppy Breeding

  1. Angelfish321

    Angelfish321 New Member Member

    A month ago I got some new guppies, one of them were pregnant and have been looking like it will give birth any moment, I tried a breeding trap a few times and eventually gave up, I have heard of mothers absorbing their fry but I'm not sure why and if that might be the case.
    I put some Java moss in and there are heaps of places for fry to hide.
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  2. M

    Manjit Valued Member Member

    there are lots of hifing places for them... so some of them will survive
  3. M

    Matty6477 Valued Member Member

    The females will eventually get pregnant again as they are living with males. As long as you have plenty of hiding places, some fry will survive.

    The current guppies in my 25 gallon are fry from my original group of guppies. I have plenty of plants, and the fry tend to hide in there.

    If you do manage to get some fry, then I would suggest maybe moving the fry to a breeding box, and feed them food such as live baby brine shrimp to help them grow.
  4. Ohio Mark

    Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Relax. :)Give it some time and you'll have fry darting about in there. With hiding places, some will survive & thrive.
  5. OP

    Angelfish321 New Member Member

    Thank you, I feel much better and hope for some fry soon