Guppy/Breeding tank

  1. Misty Schillaci Member Member

    HI. I have a pregnant guppy. She has the classic dark gravid spot and she is squaring off. She's had babies before but they get eaten so I decided to buy a holding tank that goes inside the main tank. I bought a "Lee's 3 way" because it is larger than a 2 way. I just took the divider out. (the that allows you to have 2 adults vs 1).
    So I put the guppy in there and I'm worried that she'll be too stressed to have the babies. Any suggestions on how to help?
    Also, there are slots on the sides to allow for water flow but they look large enough for the babies to slip through. Has anyone had this issue before? Are they too large to fit through?
  2. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    When I bred guppys years ago, I just made sure I had a lot of plants and places for the babies to hid. I also had a nursery net that hung on the side of the tank when I saw babies I netted them and put them in the nursery
  3. Misty Schillaci Member Member

    I have a heavily planted tank but the bigger fish are fierce! I've only managed to keep some of the platy babies alive. They are blue/gray and blend in with the black gravel better than the guppies or even the yellow platys. I do have a small 1 gal tank for the new babies that I can find but I end up screwing up my plants trying to find/catch them...
  4. StarsFish Initiate Member

    I have my guppies in a guppy only tank and they don't seem to bother the fry. I do have it heavily planted, just in case.
  5. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    That's the way I did it. Guppy only. What other fish do you have in there?
  6. Misty Schillaci Member Member

    The guppies dive bomb the fry... I had a Mom give birth and another guppy ate it seconds afterwards. It didn't have a chance. The guppy was going nuts looking for new ones...
    I have platys and Cories in the tank.
  7. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Wow you may want to set up a 5 gallon or something for your pregnant female than. I'm sorry to here your having so much trouble breeding them
  8. Misty Schillaci Member Member

    LOL... The one that I have in the breeding tank now is the one that goes after them! She seems much better today. She should have them really soon! Thanks for your help!
  9. StarsFish Initiate Member

    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that as well. I have a 20g with lots of plants and 4 pair of guppies along with about 30 tiny fry born 3 days ago. The adults don't even seem to care about them. Maybe it was the bad influence of the platies, lol.
  10. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    That's a good idea just remove the bad Apple. Keep us posted on your progress
  11. Misty Schillaci Member Member

    So she had 2 babies this afternoon. (Or sometime today). She still looks really squared off but after watching her for HOURS today I came to the acceptance that she wouldn't have anymore in the container. The other fish were constantly swimming by and she would swim with them. I put the babies in my baby tank (I have one just for babies) and I let her free in the big tank. If she has more, I'll fish them out later.
    I also looked around in the big tank and found 5 small yellow platy babies. I saw 2 being born on tuesday and got them out and I didn't see her birth more so I thought she was done.
    I just hope she's not too stressed out and dies.. She seemed happy to be free in the big tank again and she was happily eating and swimming with the rest of the fish. We'll see... Thanks for your help!
  12. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Sounds to me like she is gonna be just fine.
  13. Misty Schillaci Member Member

    I watched her have 5 babies this morning and 4 of them get eaten within seconds... Those fish are crazy! I tried!
  14. StarsFish Initiate Member

    Awww! At least you saved one.
  15. tjander Well Known Member Member

    Wow I guess I have been lucky... I have a 20G tank med planted. Way over stocked with 8 neons, 3 Cory cats, 12 or more Guppies and a hand full of ghost shrimp. Them guppies are reproducing like crazy... I pulled over 30 fry out of the tank a week after birth... Now I have actually gone as far as removing all the females and put them in a separate tank. Enough guppy fry already...
    My advise is just give it some time guppies breed like crazy and sooner or later you will have more fry then you know what to do with... Also try and keep your best looking fish together so they can breed and keep you with plenty of pleasing guppies.
  16. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    That's not over stocked
  17. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd say that's too many guppies.
    tjander - you might want to rehome the females. They can continue to produce fry for months after being with a male. That's why we usually recommend stocking with only males :)