Guppy Breedeing Problems


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I bought six female guppies to go with my existing males in march this year. when I got them they were giving birth with no problems. In April I had a sudden pH drop from which most the fish recovered and I added coral sand to the filter to prevent it happening again. Since then the water parameters have been good and stable. The females soon became gravid again but every time one drops some fry it dies. I am now down to my last female from that batch and today it started to give birth but it seems to have a large pink sack coming out its body ( see picture attached ). Is this normal or is it a sign of a problem? I have added 6 new females recently but I am worried the problem may be contagious. All the fry I have had from these females have had snaking spines, I don't know if this is relevant. I have moved the fish to a small tank so I could photograph it.

I apologise for the poor photo but its the best I could get.
Thankyou in advance, Any help will be appreciated.

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