Guppy Being Picked On! Help

  1. TheSquishyPenguin

    TheSquishyPenguin New Member Member

    prefacing this with tank details:
    54 Litre rectangle
    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 5
    Planted Tank with Driftwood. 6 Cardinal Tetra, 4 Male Guppy. 1 Nerite snail, 3 Blue Jelly Shrimp.
    26C in temp.

    Tank 2:
    65 Litre [10 is taken up by the internal sump setup]
    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 5
    Planted Tank with Driftwood. 3 Marbled Hatchets [trying to get hold of more!]. 1 Halfmoon male betta.

    Hi all! It looks like my guppies have decided they have a vendetta against the biggest one in there. All of the others are about half of his size, but I can't say that his tail or fins are particularly any bigger or more showy than theirs. If anything he's lacking a bit of colour at the end of his.

    I noticed while taking a look in my main tank that they just will not leave him alone, constantly chasing him all over the tank. One in particular, my orange one keeps going for the same spot at the base/body of his tail, NOT the fins. The others seem quite happy to have a go at his fins.

    To me, it looks like at the base of his tail on his body both ontop of him and under him has turned white - perhaps like he has lost scales in these areas due to biting. He is dark blue in this area, so it's very noticeable.

    At first I thought it was mainly the small orange one going for him and so moved him into a breeder box into another tank [we'll get back to that tank shortly] but it had no effect, the others still picked on him. Even tried moving decorations as a distraction, but no. the orange one is by far the worst aggressor, the others just picked on him occasionally. This poor guy is not at all interested in fighting back, I rarely if ever see him retaliate.

    I'm worried they're going to stress him out to the point of death, so currently he's in my betta's tank. Fortunately Vic seems to be a very docile little guy, he has no interest at all in the guppy or the marbled hatchets but I will be watching closely. At worst, I can put the guppy in a breeder box but he was desperate to get out and I think it was stressing him out even more. His breathing is a lot calmer now.

    So I'm just looking for advice! I don't really know what to do with this guy. I don't want to get rid of him. I could try getting more guppies - I'd be interested in more I suppose. The only other thing that was going to go in there was some zebra danios if I can find the kind I like. [Or, if appropriate, they can join Vic and the hatchets]. I'm just not sure why they've taken to really having a huge go at him or if there's anything I can do to resolve it.

    Thanks all!
  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Can you post a picture? The fact that he's bigger automatically has me suspicious that you really have a female. That and the fact that the males are going after that spot on the body.
  3. OP

    TheSquishyPenguin New Member Member

    Hi! thanks for your help :D I don't believe it's a female at all judging by it's fins - but whether or not is possible they're mistaking it for one I don't know.
    Photos are hard to get unfortunately, my ipod just takes them all as nice streaky blurs when it comes to fish. But I tried!
    24899879_1708869252514117_2413559938042873286_n.jpg 24774889_1708869265847449_2658058410084546826_n.jpg
    He looks a little colourless in the photos I suppose, but he's got splotches of colours on him like pink and blue. It's also hard to see how much bigger he is, but he's definitely a good head and gills above the rest and much bigger bodied.
    I noticed that even while in the breeder box, the little orange guppy is still trying very hard to get to him. The others are less interested but take a look every so often. Short of buying more guppies or just plain old getting rid of this one in some way [which would be a shame imho] I'm not sure what to do. I don't think they've drawn blood on him anywhere but I'm hesitant to leave him in if they won't give him a break for more than a minute.
    I don't know much about fish since I'm still new, but the behaviour is odd to me how there'll be a minute of peace between them even when they're right next to eachother, then the orange one will chase him all over the tank for a good 5 minutes trying to get at the same spot on his body/tail. then after a bit i notice the othersstart to join in which the big one has no interest in 'playing' back.
  4. OP

    TheSquishyPenguin New Member Member

    I went to my LFS and they said there's not much I can do besides separate them. A friend said they're definitely being aggressive! I opted to try adding a couple more guppy as I was happy to have them anyway, my LFS said they'd take any I don't want if they're being a problem.
    So it's..sort of solved and not solved my problem! :(
    Now the big one pictured above, a yellow one and the orange one are all going after a little navy coloured boy I added. [thankfully they leave the brand new lyre tail alone at least]. Theyre not really focused on the big boy pictures above anymore.
    So..change of targets, but still an issue.

    Friend said to give it a day or two and if it's not sorted out, remove the one being bullied. But my problem is, surely even if I do that they'll just go back to bullying the big boy I was so concerned about in this thread? I'm worriedif I keep removing guppies I'm not going to have any left! If it was just one aggressor I could understand, but it varies between who the target it.