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    Calli New Member Member

    I got some new guppies today!!! I'm so excited to get them put in the new tank...I got 3 females and 1 male but I also already have some in the tank. I think that all three of my females are pregnant because they are really chubby...can you post somethings that I might need to know about breeding guppies and/or keeping the fry...that would be awesome.
  2. atmmachine816

    atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    For starters you can look at fishlore aricles about guppies and search the forum. Second we need to know what size tank you have and what other fish you have it and your male to female ratio. Check for a graved spot on the female, its a dark spot on the back of the fish under the tail. You need to remove the guppies from the tank with the parents as they will eat them unless there are TONS of hiding places, you can put the guppies in a breeder box, divide up the tank, or best yet put them in another tank with some sponge filters. You feed them baby brine shrimp, ground up flakes, cooked lettuce and lots of other stuff. Hope i helped
  3. Butterfly

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    Live bearers need some greens in their diet so I feed mine veggie flakes once a day. If there are a lot of plants you can leave the babies in with the adults.
    the babies are big enough at birth to eat flake food.
    We just got some new ones at an aquarium club auction and they are awesome!! Enjoy your Guppies;)