Guppies with color changing tail?

  1. f

    frogfan Valued Member Member

    So i picked up 3 new guppies today a male for my nieces tank and 2 females for mine since i accidently killed mine last night .the male is purple and like green and silver with a clean tail the females are silver with clear tails but under the LED tank light all their tails turn a bright purple and blue color its kinda neat like nagic fish

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  2. Tonia

    Tonia Well Known Member Member

    They sound lovely!!! I know my guppies changed over time.. their colors seem to develop and change some as they grow older. They are such adorable little guys!
  3. rsutoratosu

    rsutoratosu Valued Member Member

    How did you kill your fish ?

    Anyway, yeah purple/green/blue and certain color won't show unless you apply lights.. some of my purple looks brown in day light
  4. OP

    frogfan Valued Member Member

    It was 2 am and i forgot how to use my brain i had had them in a container for about an hour setting up the new tank and only aclimated them for about 10 before putting them in the new tank and i guess i shocked them im pretty sure at that point i didnt really no what to do other then hope they made it they didnt

    video of the new fish

    Im going to leave the females in the 5g at my parents till they have babies the girls want to see the babies then I will bring them home to my tank they are in quarantine anyways

    some people have had trouble veiwing my videos from FB idk why and i dont have a youtube account so fb is the only way i can upload