Guppies VS Guppies....

  1. FishFan Member Member

    OK-I have been reading SO much about Guppies on here. Does everyone know that there are 2 different kinds? I read one thing about one kind and another about the other kind. OK-here it is: 'Fancy Guppies' have the pretty tails (males & females) and are larger than 'regular/Feeder Guppies'. 'Regular/Feeder Guppies' are smaller, are less colorful, but the males have reddish/orangish & black spots. I just wanted to clarify. Yes, I do have both-in my community tank! I just wanted, for awhile now, to clarify this, to avoid confusion in the future. (Maybe, I'm just venting, I don't know) But, different Guppies have different care/needs...and seem to me, to act differently, as well.
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  3. fletch Member Member

    and also it seems like my friend has managed to breed another kind of guppy. It looks like a giant brown mosquito fish but its a cross between a platty and a guppy we think
  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    I've got a book at home which shows like 10+ guppies which have been crossed with swordtails, mollies, platies etc. Some even have swords! Not that I've ever een them at the shops

  5. fletch Member Member

    would be good to see some scanned pics of those J-man or a link to the book. I have a feeling my guppy (who has never seen a male) is pregnant by my sword tail
  6. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Wowweee this is quite exciting! I didn't think they could fertilise another species eggs but I wouldn't know.. let us know what happens :)
  7. fletch Member Member

    yeah i will. could be another 3 weeks yet though

  8. fishfreak Member Member

    one of my male guppys is trying to mate with my mollies a couple of days of go
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    Well-I was just trying to explain the difference in the 2 most common kinds and try to clear up any confusion amongst Newbies and Beginners. :) Never heard of them cross-breeding and that's kinda scary! :eek:
  10. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    I think that's pretty cool! Some day I want to experiment with crossing different livebearers... Maybe I'll try crossing sailfin mollies with guppies to improve the guppies' fins. Then I'll cross those with swordtails...A sailfinned swordtailed guppy...who knows? It would be fun to see what different kinds of fish you could produce! I suppose you can't breed Cory Cats and Bettas...just kidding ;). Let us know what happens, fletch--I wonder what the fry will look like??

  11. fletch Member Member

    Yeah but fry are boring, they all look the same! I wish they didnt because ive waited over 2 months to see what my baby gouramis will look like and they are still only 1/2 an inch long. grr
  12. FishFan Member Member

    Do you feed your fry brine shrimp-at least 3 times a day? That should help them grow faster.
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    they are only just big enough for brine shrimp. I feed them liquifry flakes once every other day because they just dont eat that much. is this bad?
  14. FishFan Member Member

    Then maybe just try feeding them tiny amounts, more often. I've read to feed them & then scoop out the leftovers (sounds like a lot of work 3 times a day) but, I guess that's how you're suppose to do it. You can keep the brine shrimp (I use frozen) in the fridge until the next feeding and use a spoon to drop in just a few little shrimps. If you're only feeding them once a day now, start feeding them twice a day for a few, then up to three times. Let me know how that works. I have a few tiny (but big enough not to become snacks) male feeder guppies in my community tank along with all my other fish. Since they now are getting fed flake/granules in the mornings & brine shrimp/flake/granules in the evening, they are growing so fast! Best to You!
  15. fletch Member Member

    I tried them on the brine shrimp last night. I did put the whole cube in, which was silly because there are only 2 baby gouramis in there. They are both just a 3rd of an inch long. They didnt seem to take much interest in it. I guess they must be eating because they are growing and they are still alive. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try to follow them
  16. FishFan Member Member

    Ah-when feeding brine shrimp in a frozen cube, you need to put it in a small dish/cup & add aquarium water to it to thaw it out and then add a little at a time, by spoon, to the aquarium. Try that ;) You can refreeze the leftovers or refrigerate them until the next feeding. Why are there only 2 babies? Are those the only 2 you have? Yes, if they're still alive, then they are eating :D
  17. fletch Member Member

    I had around 400 at one point when they were a few days old. I kept them in a fine net taped to the side of the tank and somehow they all dissapeared. very bizzare. I checked afterwards and there werent any holes and the net was tiny so the other fish couldnt get in.
  18. Craig Well Known Member Member

    sounds like they could of jumped very freaky :eek: