Guppies Tail Turning Black And Odd Behaviour


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Hello...... Again, yes more fish problems, so my best breeding female guppy just gave birth to at least 20 fry yesterday and now her orange tail has some black on both top and bottom but it's not too bad however she is extremely aggressive chasing the only other female in the tank, moved the males out, and trying to eat her fry which she has never done before it could just be because she is going through birth pains because of how many she had but I really dunno
Tank size 100l
Ehiem classic 250 canister
Heavily planted
Every week 25 to 30 percent water changes
Always feed new life spectrum pellets or occasionally aqua one flakes

Also other fish are fine I'm not as concerned about her tail but her behaviour is worrying she still has an appetite as always the little pig

Also probs can't reply til I get Home coz ill be at school
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