Guppies- signs of having babies? Question

  1. cameronpalte Member Member

    Ok, so I had 1 male guppy, 3 female guppies. 1 male guppy is alive. 1 female guppy died unrelated. 1 female guppy just had birth last night. I saw one baby but am pretty sure they will be eaten. 1 female guppy still late stages of pregnancies. I was planning on moving to 2.5g for babies tonight when I get home assuming no babies yet. How do I know if she is about to have babies?
  2. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    Usally when about to have babies most livebearers will be at the top and near the heater.
  3. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    When they are close to giving birth the tummy will start to look boxy and squared off. Other signs are hiding, mine like to hide near the heater, or increased tempermentalness with other fish.

    As for when to move her, I can't say for sure, I have never moved my females before birth. My tanks have lots of hiding places for fry, the ones that are smart enough to hide don't get eaten. I have 4 females constantly droping fry in the tank right now, there is no shortage of baby guppies.
  4. cameronpalte Member Member

    Thanks for all the help!... I will probably move her, just because I have had some extreme losses in my tank recently (nature taking its course started with un cycled tank) and I want all fish to survive to help (you don't want to know my losses... some species have lost 50%...)... anyway thanks for the help I'll keep you updated and even post some pictures if you guys want them:).
  5. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    We always want photos!
  6. cameronpalte Member Member

    Ok, I'll can put photos if they haven't been born yet when I get home.
  7. cameronpalte Member Member

    They had there babies thanks for the help!. I'll try to post pictures:) but it'll take a few days