Guppies sick with columnaris, treating whole tank or quarantine them?

  1. Helzing Member Member

    One of my young females has white stuff around her mouth and head and cant close her mouth i think its too late for her but one of my older females is starting to develop something white that looks like moss or cotton on his tail, ive done some research and ordered furan-2 and kanaplex im still thinking if i should treat the whole tank or just quarantine them both.
  2. RedSolace Member Member

    I've also just suffered from an outbreak of columnaris in my tank,, awful disease.
    But successfully treated luckily with Furan-2 and kanaplex, so good to hear you have it on the way :)
    You must treat the whole tank however, as it's bacterial and lives/thrives in the water column , it's highly contagious.
  3. Helzing Member Member

    Good to hear that Furan-2 and Kanaplex worked for you, how long did you had your tank medicated? i have a 29gallon and i'm planning on medicating as soon as the meds arrive as of now i have no idea how much i will be using and for how long.
  4. RedSolace Member Member

    I just used the 4 day dose of Furan-2 and 3 dose of Kanaplex, it appears to have cleared up, it's only been a few days since the last treatment however so I'm keeping a close eye on them all.
    You can redose too! but I think with a 29 gal you might need a couple of boxes of Furan-2 . I was treating a 20 gal and used all but 2 sachets.
  5. Helzing Member Member

    Update: Both medicines just arrived and i treated the tank, do you think i should retreat again with both in 24 hours?
  6. RedSolace Member Member

    I did exactly as it said on the box for both. The furan-2 every 24 hours and the kanaplex every 48 with the 25% water change after every 2 doses of Furan-2 :)
    Good luck! I really hope you are able to get them better
  7. Helzing Member Member

    Bad news, this is the third day of treatment, 3 casualties(1 died of dropsy before the outbreak), and seems that 3 show extreme cases of infection, i have almost seen all of them flash on decor from time to time even fry inside their breeder box and one of my young males doesnt want to eat(no its no the water quality do my 20% every week and test)... I'm thinking of getting some clove oil and putting adults, younglings and fry down. I feel like i'm fighting a losing war.
  8. RedSolace Member Member

    Aww gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that :(
    There are actually 4 different strains of Columnaris, it sounds like you may have one the more aggressive strains, which is really unfortunate.
    I personally wouldn't give up yet, but only you know how bad it is. CindiL Also had a very bad case, she may be able to assist you further, she helped me with choosing medications and steps.
  9. slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    What is the temp of your tank? If it is where everyone on this forum keeps theirs, you need to lower it to no more than 75.
  10. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    Hi, I did have a nasty case of columnaris and ended up losing 50% of my fish but finally got through it. You bought the right meds. I would do the kanaplex dosing as directed, daily for 10 days. the furan-2 for the four and I believe it can be repeated also.

    I actually did kanamycin food, furan-2 followed by Maracn II (minocycline) but that's only because I had used the kanaplex food and didn't want to do a double whammy on them with kanaplex as it can be hard on the kidneys.

    Good luck. I wouldn't euthanize unless they quit eating or usually mine would lie on the bottom before dying so if I saw that I did start euthanizing them.
  11. Helzing Member Member

    I decided not to euthanize them i just got too dramatic... However most of my adults are gone right now what i have in my main tank is only two fat, adult, pregnant, healthy looking females them and a juvenile female which is showing sings of illness(white moss starting to grow on her eye) these fish have been in the main tank since the outbreak began i will proceed to put the juvenile female in a 2.5gallon hospital tank however my kuhli loach Piero seems immune to any disease he or she(i dont know what it is) has been as active as ever.

    The fry and rest of healthy looking juveniles have been moved temporarily to my 5.5gallon RCS tank i'm curious most of the casualties have been 4 adult guppies(1 year old) only two juveniles died so far.

    I'm having my doubts on whether this disease is bacterial or fungal(or if its even columnaris) i mean it usually starts with white moss growing either in the tail or face of the fish then at the last stages of the sickness just after death the fish's eyes are partially covered in white moss and their gills are open most of the time and the fish bent their bodies toward the surface.

    At this point i would like a opinion on my case because so far what i want to do now is put the last guppy showing signs of illness in a hospital tank, clean the bottom of the tank, change water and then get the fry and juveniles out of my 5.5gallon RCS tank and back into my main tank i don't know if this evil monster killing my fish has had enough and is gone forever(i hope).
  12. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    The white fungus on the face is a sign of columnaris. The fish tend to die simply by who is the weakest. Mine died over weeks, but most of them once I noticed they weren't feeling well were dead in 12-24 hours. I had I think what was the 2nd strain. Your is probably the 3rd or 4th strains as you're seeing the white growths. Any time you see multiple fish with the same type of disease,it's wise to treat the whole tank as its in the water column at that point.

    This might help you determine. Have you seen this info?
  13. Helzing Member Member

    I've been treating with furan-2 and kanaplex lately but the thing is some fish were fine before treatment then they only got worse and died, i don't know what to do i can't just get everyone out and wipe out my whole tank, decor and live plants... My amazon swords are getting huge!

    At least that's how i see it because antibiotics seem to do nothing most of the infected looking ones have died and most of the survivors are juveniles and fry only one juvenile female is showing illness.

    Edit: I'm going to read that link you provided it will be extremely useful to determine what should i do. +1
  14. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    This disease in particular is pernicious and the antibiotic and nitrofurazone would not cause their deaths. I'm not sure even wiping it down would get rid of it though would help. The columnaire bacteria by my understanding is in our aquariums in small amounts at all times. Its not clear to me what happens at the point it becomes a bacterial disease in our fish though it seems some sort of stressor maybe.....i.e., a tank stocked fully, new additions of fish, less than adequate water changes, less than adequate minerals etc. I do know it only thrives with lots of oxygen so it wouldn't be a filtration issue and doesn't multiply as rapidly if temperatures are down in the mid to low 70's.

    Also sometimes you'll see a white fuzz fungus looking white/grey growths on your plants. This seems to go hand in hand with it (at least both I and RedSolace had that) and is bacterial also, either columnaris or saprolegenia which can be somewhat similar and hard to tell apart.

    I think the only way to eradicate it from a tank totally other than the treatments would be to disinfect a tank but then you're left having to re-cycle a tank and still have fish who might be carrying the disease. I think a uv sterilizer can help in disease prevention or spreading also. I did buy one and plan on keeping my tank stocked less fully from now on. It was sad having so many fish die!
  15. Helzing Member Member

    It seems to have dissapeared like i mentioned above one of my juveniles was showing signs of white mold growing but i woke up this morning turned the aquarium lights on and it was gone, but i'm still going to clean the bottom and put the carbon back on and move the juveniles and fry back to my 29g.
  16. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd finish the kanaplex treatment.....before adding the carbon back in.