Guppies rubbing against pump?


I have a pump in my tank that has a flat surface on the top and my guppies have been rubbing against it. I googled what it might be, and came up with "ich" but they don't have any white spots or anything else unusual?
So is this normal, or is something more sinister happening?

Also I have what I think is a Male Guppy-Endler and today a dark blue spot appeared above his fins. He's not doing anything else unusual and seems fine. Is it just him developing still? I am not sure how old he is because I bought him from my LPS.

any advice, help would be great!

EDIT:: The blue spot on my guppy-endler has nearly disappeared already! What does this meannn??????


Not sure, might just be stressed. Is your tank cycled? Guppies spots turn dark when stressed, while mating and during feeding. Could be a number of factures.

The rubbing thing is a new thing to me, pretty sure if it was ICH you would see physical signs of it.


It could also be the start of fungal infections or some other water quality-related problem. I had a molly who rubbed against decorations all the time when I first got her. After a day the problem stopped, presumably because I have better water conditions.


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How long has the tank been running? what's the current readings for ammonia/nitrites? are you using salt in the tank? without all your info filled in for your tanks, its hard to not have some could be a number of things and hopefully we can help you figure it out!


if its a heavly pregnent female that's rubbing, mine rub their tummies on stuff alot, espectially since they're all young and still getting used to being pregnent. as for the colors changing, the fish is mostly likey still developing if you just got it. they grow for about a year (tho the last few months is mostly the tail growing out for my males, but they have some really good genes for tail length).

just check the water conditions if you can, and if you cant, just do a bit more on water changes, until every one seems normal
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