guppies playing? Funny

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    frogfan Well Known Member Member

    the males seem to be playing in the water flow from the filter output
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  2. endlercollector

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    Your male guppies feel too crowded and are trying to jump into the filter. This is what they do in the wild--they head upstream. My Endler's have done it, resulting in a tank full of pregnant girls after the boy jumped down from the filter, bounced against the wall, landed on the filter of the tank below, and rolled into that one. So much for glass lids ;)

    you can look for the video I have of one actually leaping into the filter.

    Get some plastic fabric at a crafts store and cut it into shapes that will cover all of your openings. This will tide you over till you can get them into a larger tank.

    Here is the mesh at the filter on my Trinidadian poecilia picta tank. There are girls in the tank, so the boys don't want to leave, but they jump all the time just if somebody looks at anyone else funny ;)

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1404259661.881139.jpg

    BTW, I can only see your Facebook video link on my phone, not my laptop, and it doesn't work.

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  3. OP

    frogfan Well Known Member Member

    i have the mesh i used it for the divider i have scraps. They didnt do it for long, how high can they jump the filter intake is about 2 inchs above the water line. Should i put the girls on the side with the filter assuming they are less likely to try and get to the boys by jumping in the filter