guppies in breeding tanks

  1. f

    fletch Member Member

    I have a pregnant guppy that ive just put into a breeding tank and i had to take her out within 10 mins. she went psycho and i got worried that she may abort. ive never had this before. how can i help this?

  2. F

    FishFan Member Member

    I actually put my male & female velvet swordtails in a floating breeding tank. The female jumped out twice, so I gave up. They sure seem to hate it, so I'm just going to let nature be.

  3. j

    joe Member Member

    i would leave her in your community tank until you are positively sure that she is going to explode
  4. f

    fishfreak Member Member

    i would just leave them in a commutiy tank,that is what i do
  5. OP

    fletch Member Member

    Ive tried that before fishfreak but because i have so many fish the babies dont stand a chance. I have a net breeding tank now which is bigger. I have a female sword tail in it and shes happy
  6. F

    FishFan Member Member

    OK. Thanks for the help :)