Guppies idle at top of tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Andrea Simone, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Andrea SimoneNew MemberMember

    20gal tall, one plant, 10 neon tetras, 3 male guppies.

    Well I noticed a couple of my guppies had a mild case of fin rot. It looks like my tetras have been fin-nipping and a fungal infection took place.

    After noticing this I went to the store and bought Jungle Fungus Clear tablets. Its active ingredients are: nitrofurazone, furazolidone, and potassium dichromate. I removed the carbon from my filter and placed the tablets in my water. It turned my water green, and I read somewhere it has the potential to kill off beneficial bacteria??

    This would really be a bummer, because I just got my tank fully cycled last week. ): My readings today were ammonia-0, nitrite-0, nitrate-10.

    So anyway, after about half an hour or so, I looked at my tank and two of my guppies were at the top hanging out by the heater not doing anything. My two most active guppies were just sitting there. So I replaced the carbon in my filter in hopes of saving what bit of bacteria I might have left along with my guppies. ):

    I really have no idea what to do now. ):
  2. BennyBValued MemberMember

    The guppies should be okay. Are they still swimming, as in moving their fins but staying in place? My Black mollies use to do that, I had 3 but one died and the two started doing that. All I did was get a few more mollies and they started moving again. In a 20 gallon, you do still have more room for fish. I would say about 2 more guppies and you're good to go!
    The carbon will remove the medicine, but idk about the coloring. When I treated my tank for fungus, the carbon never removed the color. It did kill all my bacteria though :(
    It's okay, just a sign that it is working, since fin rot is a bacterial infection. It did work for me, BTW. Got rid of my fungus and fin rot. :)
  3. Andrea SimoneNew MemberMember

    Whew. Ok. They were still moving their fins, but I just have't ever seen them like that so it scared me. And as for the medicine, I think I should just start all over. I'll take out my carbon and add two more tablets in three days. How does that sound? And I've lost about half of my red guppy's tail. About how long will that take to grow back, and will it still look the same as when I first bought him?

    I was waiting until my paremeters and fish are all perfect before I get anymore. I'm going to get a pearl gourami. :) I've heard they're sweethearts.
  4. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    How was the tank cycled so fast seeing how it was just started in march? whenever meds are used, most kill the cycle :( so keep a close eye on your readings for sure...what test kit are you using? your guppies probably have torn tails as males dont get along with eachother..especially in a 20g tall tank as they dont have enough space to call their they probably are nipping at one another allot.....finrot and missing tails, arent the same thing and dont need meds always....clean water and some stress coat will usually do it for finrot...unless its the extreme with black/red edges...but again, with 3 of them in the 20g tall, they are going to continue to nip for lack of space can either return 2 of them and get some fems, or add a bunch of taller plants to try to break up the line of sight for them....if they are still hanging out at the top, and not moving around for food or being curious nosy fish, something is going on other shy fish...
  5. Andrea SimoneNew MemberMember

    I'm using a liquid drop test kit, and it probably cycled so fast because I have been expirementing with Stability by SeaChem. I know it cannot do all the cycling for me, but it definetly sped up the process.

    I didn't even think about the aggressivness. :/ I guess I'll have to return two of them. Is it alright if I do this even if one only has half a tail left? I'm pretty sure it turned into fin rot because its tail looked as if it were fraying and white.

    Gah. I'm so mad at myself for not researching that medication and killing my bacteria.
  6. BennyBValued MemberMember

    It's okay, the bacteria will always come back. Sometimes you have to make these sacrifices and run these risks all for the good of the fish's overall health. As in, keeping their fins from rotting away rather than possibly getting ammonia poisoning. Just remember to test and change your water often and there shouldn't really be too much of an ammonia problem. Adding some more medicine will definitely help, the bacteria is all gone already, why not? And getting some taller plants as well as some females could prove to be invaluable. Giving more of a barrier for the males to separate themselves from each other, and a pretty girl to be with could really boost their moral! :D
    Just be prepared for them to have babies. :eek:
    They breed like rabbits!
  7. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    stability is a product that does NOT cycle a tank properly...the bacteria isnt aquatic and you MUST add it for the life of the tank to keep things in check....I would stop using that and get some prime and start daily water changes so the tank can cycle properly.....good luck with things!
  8. Andrea SimoneNew MemberMember

    I have not been using Stability for about three weeks now, and I had my nitrite and ammonia spikes too. I did research on it, and it contains temporary bacteria that are still in spore form. Once in contact with water they grow, and whenever your tank produces the long term bacteria, it eats the short type up.

    I'm quite positive my tank was cycled properly. One day the nitrite was 2 and three days later (without any water changes) it dropped down to 0. I'm not saying it should be used in all new tanks, but I was simply expirimenting with it.