Guppies Dying- Skinny, Clamped Fins, Stringy Poop

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    The tank I'm concerned about is a 29 gallon with 10 female guppies, a cardinal tetra, 3 nerite snails, a bunch of pest snails, and a breeder box with 2 guppy fry. It has two filters (one has UV), an adjustable heater (the temperature is around 78°F), and I've had it for at least two years.

    Backstory: on March 4th, I bought 7 guppies from a LFS (6 were from the feeder tank, 1 from the fancy tank). The fancy guppy died on March 22nd. I wasn't there so don't know what his symptoms were. On March 31st, the healthy-looking female feeder guppy had 5 fry, so I moved her to the 29 gallon and her fry to the breeder box on the 29 gallon.
    At the beginning of April, the guppies in the 10 gallon started acting strangely sickly. Eventually, 4 died, leaving 1 alive. This happened before April 8th. The one left still appears to be in great health.
    After April 8th, my guppy fry in the breeder box on the 29 gallon started to die off. After three weeks, 8 of the 10 had died. Again, the 2 left still appear to be perfectly fine.
    Over the last week, the guppies in my 29 gallon have started to show symptoms. 3-5 of the 10 appear to be affected. This does not include the feeder female from the 10 gallon, who looks perfectly healthy.

    Symptoms: one of the males from the feeder tank looked a bit bloated when I first got him. None of my other fish have appeared to be bloated.
    Several of the fish have been inactive, hovering in the corner or near the surface.
    A lot of the affected fish would clamp their fins all the time.
    Some had clear, stringy poop.
    All of them got sunken/skinny stomachs, though I don't think any got twisted/bent spines.
    A few had very slightly raised scales that are mainly along the base of the tail. Hard to detect and can't be seen in pictures (you have to look really closely in person).
    When they were really close to dying, they seem to lose control of their bodies and kind of spin around a bit with their tail in the air and their face to the ground.

    Note: in all instances, there are always a few fish that have remained completely unaffected. I'm thinking they are immune, and possibly not carriers of the disease?

    What is this disease? How can I treat this? The only medications I have are PraziPro and Furan-2.
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    Picture of one of the affected female guppies:

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    A few more pictures:
    Guppy that just started showing symptoms

    Guppy that is affected the strongest so far

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    7256.jpeg A few of the guppies that aren't showing symptoms so far

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    Two of my female guppies have died. :(
    Does anyone know what this is??
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    It could be round worms a form of internal parasite. I would treat with levamisole asap and see how that works. I only say this because I had round worms and lost all guppies in my bedroom tank but saved my corys, leaches, tetras, tetras, amano shrimp, and dwarf neon rainbowfish. My guppies had similar symptoms, but I caught them too late. You can take a fish to vet and have them check. Might be worth it so you don't lose everything.

    On a side note, I am breeding guppies and my current ones are in different tanks that I quarantined first and have not had any deaths. The other ones I didn't quarantine and had deaths. So, it is just food for thought in the future.
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    You don't mention water parameters but it we assume they're good - no ammonia, no nitrite, manageable nitrate - then I'd treat for internal parasites based on the info provided. API General Cure is a popular choice. Treat the whole tanks, not individual fish. Monitor water parameters during treatment in case cycles are negatively impacted.
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    I just want to piggyback on this. I did 3 rounds of general cure and it didn't help which is why I went to levamisole. I just wanted to be clear that I tried other things and levamisole was my end game.
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    I was planning to quarantine them, but the female had fry and I had no place to put them. She also looked (and still does look) perfectly healthy. I realize my mistake, and I'm definitely never going to do that again.
    Thank you both for replying!

    I'll get the levamisole, since it sounds like @Pwilly07's fish had similar symptoms. Just to be clear, PraziPro will not help at all, right? I only ask because I'm afraid that I'll have to get it shipped, and one of my favorite females isn't doing good.
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    If you tried general cure it has metronidazole and praziquantel in it. I used it to kill 2 birds with one med.
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    If the lfs has general cure I'll probably try it first, since shipping could take a while.
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    The only stuff I was able to find is this. They were out of general cure. Unfortunately, I'll have to remove all my snails before treating, which will be a pain, considering I have a ton of pest snails that I don't want to just kill off. :/
    Will this work? Or is it for the wrong kinds of parasites?

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    I've heard of that working for some people. The advice I got was levamisole, but I would try that and see what happens. You will have to gravel vacuum pretty well after treating tank like 24 hours to get the boogers out of tank. I heard the meds just paralyze them unless you go crazy on dosage, but it could kill fish in the process.
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    Update- I ordered general cure online. While I waited for it to be shipped, I treated the female who was not doing well with bendazole in a separate container, as well as two others that I thought might be showing symptoms. A couple days later, I got the general cure and treated the tank with it. The treatment is over (I finished it with a water change today), and all my fish seem to be doing well. The female who was worse off is acting fine, though I'm a little concerned about her because her stomach is still slightly sunken.
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    Hopefully she is eating and all is well. Can always dose again with general cure just to be sure. Rather dose 2x now then have to dose another 2x later and have now put them through more meds that can take a toll on them.