Guppies Bugging My New Platties


I just added three Reg Wag Platties to my 12 gallon tank. My three male fancy guppies won't leave them alone. I don't know the sex of the platties but hate seeing them bugged by the guppies all the time. I have driftwood and real plants for my fish to hide or get away, yet they choose to hang-out in the open and get bugged! Weird eh (this is the Canadian type of eh by the way!) ......

This is day two of the Guppies/Platties war.

PS my guppies are always the fish that cause conflict in my tank. Everyone else just "get along" fine.

I have 3 headlight tetras, 1 albino catfish, 2 Chinese algae eaters, 3 fancy male guppies, 3 reg wag platties.


weird my guppy is doing the same thing to my platy hes nipping at his under belly but not causing any harm. The pet store told me the guppy is trying to breed with the platy weird huh


to sex your Platies the analfin on female is fan shaped and on males it is thin and pointy think of it as kinda looking like a sward.


it is best to keep not less that two females for each male.
I have 3 female of each of my males so not just one female gets harrased to much.
All paties do is eat...poop...make babies...and make us smile but they don't care about that.


I have heard of this same thing happening before, although from all that I have read guppys and platies should get along fine. I was thinking about adding some guppys with my platies but I'm starting to think that over again

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