Guppies aren't doing well Help

  1. OT4 Member Member

    I just bought 5 guppies 3 days ago, and put them into an un-cycled, 20 gallon tank, along with a bottle of TSS for a 40 gallon tank (because I heard, with TSS, a bigger bottle is better). The guppies seemed to be doing great for a few days, but now they don't look too good. One is losing color, and they are all developing red spots behind their gills (I'm assuming it's ammonia burn)

    I have a 20 gallon tank with a HOB filter rated at 90 gph
    Ammonia: about 1.5ppm
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: a bit over 40
    Ph: 7.8
    Temp: 79.8 F (I'm trying to lower it)

    They're swimming and acting mostly normally, but like I said, my green snakeskin guppy's tail is losing it's green, and all the fish have red spots. Because I'm using TSS, I haven't been planning on doing a water change, but if Ireally have to, I will. I don't know what to do.
  2. OT4 Member Member

    TSS Help

    I've been cycling my 20 gallon aquarium for 3 days now. I'm using TSS and have 5 guppies in it. I tested my water today and I've gotten some odd readings.

    Ammonia: 1.5 ppm
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: About 40 ppm

    My water temp is 79.9 F

    What does this mean for my cycle. Is it almost over. Am I on track? Thanks.

  3. nhaiflich Member Member

    If it were me I'd do a water change asap. That ammonia is really high. When I used TSS for first time and got directions from here I got impression to always"read"the fish. If you think they are doing bad they probably are. They sound as they are. The nitrate is high too. Especially for only cycling for 3 days. Are you sure did test correctly? If using api, did you beat the snot outta bottle 2? Or do you have nitrate in tap? As far as water change goes, if it were me, which will admit somewhat new, but believe you are going to have to do back to back ones. If take out 50% that "should" bring ammonia down to .75 and nitrate to 40. Then do another 60%ish and that "Should" be enough to make your fish feel better. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong! Or wait till someone else chimes in but I would be worried about that 1.5 good luck!

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  4. fishingdeep Member Member

    Please treat the new water and do a w/c asap. Your tank hasn't cycled but I think your fish will pay the price.

  5. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    It appears you are on track
  6. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    They look good for day 3, you should see your ammonia reduce and your nitrites increase over the coming days.

    You are on the right track. There's no way to predict when it will be over but, I would say you still have some time to

    EDIT: You created a thread about an hour before this where your Nitrate read over 80ppm and your guppies are really sick and loosing their colour. I have mentioned before the issues with multiple threads, please allow time for people to answer and use the same thread to update. Did the fish recover in the hour and your nitrate reduce to 40? It's getting a little confusing here. I could do with some clarification. Thanks.x
  7. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Also, I would get a filter rated for 200 GPH on a 20 gallon, 90 GPH just isn't really enough. I would do as nhaiflich said otherwise.

  8. OT4 Member Member

    If I do a water change, will it ruin my tss cycle?
  9. nhaiflich Member Member

    Probably from what I understand. But I would rather buy more TSS than fish :):) I'd do the w/c and give your guppies a chance to recover a bit then start again. I'd check the levels before you start it again. Since there is a nitrate reading I think that means the cycle has started. It's just not done. By time fish are better you may be close enough to complete cycle without adding anything.

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  10. OT4 Member Member

    Omg, I meant to edit that to 40. Both threads should be 40. And sorry about starting another thread. I was getting really worried, and it had been a few hours with no replies on the other, so I created this one.

  11. OT4 Member Member

    Um.... I just realized that I meant to put 40 as my nitrites. Not 80. Sooo sorry.
  12. nhaiflich Member Member

    That's good! Lol, but the ammonia was real problem. But that still seems high for 3 days. Make sure not overfeeding. Do you have nitrate in tap?

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  13. OT4 Member Member

    I'm not home right now, but when I will be in a few hours, and I'll test then.
  14. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    OT4, I merged your two threads.

    Do you have nitrates in your tap water? It would seem odd that after 3 days that you would end up with 40ppm of nitrates, especially with elevated ammonia.

    While it seems you are on track cyclewise, if your fish are suffering due to elevated ammonia you have to choose whether you want to scrap the TSS and do a water change of wait it out a day or so and see if the ammonia level comes down. I would expect that the ammonia level will lower soon, but I can tell you if it will harm your fish to wait for it to drop.

    Of course if it continues to rise, you should probably just bite the bullet and do a water change.
  15. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    OT4 I apologise if i came across brash, I was just getting a little confused :) I understand your worry and the anxiety that builds whilst you are waiting for a reply. I get it. You could always bump your thread or at the very least make sure your threads match up and contain the same information, it helps to make it easier for people to see what's really going on. You're doing really great and I know it hasn't been plain sailing so keep at it and don't let it worry you too much.

    If your fish seem stressed then I personally would perform a w/c give them a few days to revocer and do daily water changes and dose with prime. Then start all over with the TSS.

    I had a reading of 1ppm ammonia on a TSS cycle from day 7-9 but my fish never seemed stressed. Tetra say in their Q&A article that you could see a spike of 1.5ppm ammonia for a 7 days.

    It is up to you whether you do a W/C. The TSS may have started to seed the filter but it won't have finished cycling completely. If your levels are the same today though, I would suggest a w/c.

    How are they doing?x
  16. OT4 Member Member

    Turns out, I do have nitrates in my tap water. When I tested it, I got a reading of 40 ppm- same as in my tank. What should I do? I'll call my water company and see what they say my tap water should be like, but to me, 40 ppm seems too high for tap. Also, I'm fairly sure that its a US law that it can only be up to 10 ppm in tap water.
  17. OT4 Member Member

    My fish seem to be doing better, maybe I over reacted a bit. They're acting more normal. I'll probably hold out for a few more days before doing a PWC, unless things get really bad.
  18. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    Here is the link to the problems I had with TSS and the anxiety it caused me!

    Trust me, I've been there. You feel like it's no win situation. I had spikes in ammonia and nitrite on day 7, I still had some ammonia on day 12 and my cycle was complete on day 15. If your fish seem fine then I wouldn't worry too much but if they start to appear stressed, hang around the surface etc then do a water change.

    Whatever you feel is the right thing to do :)

    Just keep an eye on them, keep your fingers crossed and keep checking your parameters. Once the TSS has done it's job, the whole experience becomes much more enjoyable. I assure you, this stress won't last forever!x
  19. OT4 Member Member

    Alright, I'll try not to stress out too much.

    On a side note; I'm going to go out to my LFS tomorrow to get my water tested. I have a feeling that my API tesk kit is off. It says my tap water is 40 ppm, and that's unlawfully high in the US. (Literally unlawful)
  20. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    Before you do, shake the bottles, bash them on a hard surface, shake them some more and once again for good luck, then test again. Them bottles need more shaking than my arms can take! If you have a bottle of water around it might be worth testing that too to see if you get a different reading (not to use it in your tank but sort of test the kit).xx