Guppies. Are Sick

  1. Mufasa

    Mufasa Valued Member Member

    So no I'm not new. But I don't know my sicknesses or diseases. Hence I've never came across any before now. My male guppies 2 of them, have became very bloated and one has died. The other is still alive and his colors are slowly changing? And ideas on what this could be? Thanks.
  2. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    If he's just bloated them you are feeding them too much. Are their scales sticking out? If so then it's dropsy.
  3. OP

    Mufasa Valued Member Member

    Don't think it could be feeding. I only feed them 3 times a week. And only enough to where it last less then 30 sec, and I've never had feeding issues. my tanks are well planted and been cycled perfectly forever. This specific tank now has 6 male guppies sense one died today. 5 rasboras. 2 corys. Snails. My 2 shrimp got ate lol. It's a 20 gallon tall.
  4. BioBro2008

    BioBro2008 New Member Member

    I have not had much luck with guppies, but I think my angel may have stressed them out. Your water tests are all normal?