Guppies are mugging my Swordtails

  1. K

    Kim Michelle Initiate Member

    I already had three male Guppies in my tank. Got them two weeks ago. So now decided it was OK to add 2 more fish and settled on 2 male Swordtails. The Guppies were fascinated, even when I was acclimatising the bag they kept trying to get to the Swordtails. Once I let them out of the bag, the Guppies just kept mobbing the Swordtails. I've watched very closely and I can't see any nibbling of fins going on, but there is a lot of body barging. Most of the time the Swordtails don't seem too bothered, but every now and then it must just get too much for them as they make a sudden dash across the tank. But the Guppies are in hot pursuit and just continue their pushing and barging. Is this something that will settle down in time?
  2. n

    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    You don't have any females in it? That would be the problem (unless your tank isn't cycled)
  3. OP

    Kim Michelle Initiate Member

    So should I get female Guppies or Swords? And if so, how many?
  4. vin

    vin Well Known Member Member

    It depends upon the size of your tank....Out number your males at least 2-1. 3-1 is better...So if you have 2 males, you want 4-6 females......

    In your case you would need at least 6 female guppies and 4 female swordtails....That's A LOT of livebearers....especially when you consider that they breed like rabbits...... :D ;)

    If your tank is not large enough, consider asking the pet store if they were willing to trade some males for females.......

    I have two famale green swordtails and one male....They seem do do well......we're on our second spawn in 10 weeks.... :eek: :eek: