Guppies And Shrimp?

  1. MD_Plants

    MD_Plants Well Known Member Member

    I know there is a lot of debate between having guppies with shrimp or not. The current setup I have is is IMG_7812.jpg

    There is 5 crs in the tank but planning on adding some more. What I want to know is what how do you think 4 guppies will do in this 10 gallon tank?
  2. Jessica J

    Jessica J Valued Member Member

    I have 5 female guppies and some fry in a 10 gallon with two shrimp and they don't bother them. It's been about a month since we added them.
  3. x

    x0769 New Member Member

    Adult shrimps should be ok, but some baby shrimps, probably not.
  4. H Farnsworth

    H Farnsworth Valued Member Member

    I’ve noticed amano and ghost shrimp are left alone but neocaridina are sometimes bothered.
  5. OP

    MD_Plants Well Known Member Member

    How much plant protection will I need to best protect the shrimp? The entire ground is covered in java
  6. w

    waterwings Valued Member Member

    I’d think you have good coverage. Mine seem to be doing good in a similar set up.

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