Guppies And Betta's?

  1. Cheyenne1228

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    I have set up a new 35 gallon tank and iv only had 4 male guppies in it for about three weeks. I want to add more fish but was wondering howy guppies would do with my betta that I already have? Any suggestions? Also, if the betta idea won't work feel free to send me idea on stocking :)
    I have had fish before but it's has been a few years.
  2. BottomDweller

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    Welcome to fishlore!:)

    Guppies with bettas are generally not a good idea. If the betta is in a bad mood guppy tails are easy to nip. Bettas with any other mid dwelling fish is risky. There are many stories of bettas living happily with other fish for months before one day snapping and deciding they don't want tankmates while you are asleep or out. Bettas often do well in community tanks for a week or so because they aren't settled yet. Even if the betta doesn't harm the guppies the betta will be stressed with all the other fish constantly on "his territory".
    Aside from aggression issues bettas need 78-82f. Guppies can tolerate 78f but it is a little warm for them and they do best around 73-74f.

    You could do this with the guppies
    6 Male guppies
    10 Neon tetras or 12 Celestial pearl danios
    2 Honey gouramis or 1 dwarf gourami
    1 Bolvian ram
    12 Panda cories
    3 Nerite snails
    Keep the tank around 73f

    Or this with the betta but it may or may not work out depending on his personality
    1 Betta
    12 kuhli loaches or 10 albino/bronze cories
    1 Clown pleco
    10 Amano shrimp
    2 Rabbit snails
    2 Nerite snails
    Keep the tank around 80f