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Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by swimbunny, Aug 3, 2005.

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    ok, i have a tank that seems to multiply everything that i put in it. i've had mollies, platties, ghost shrimp, bottem feeders, and i don't know what else. the newest is a pregnant fancy guppie. she's definately pregnant, but i'm not sure how because the male guppie died aboput a month ago, and now, i get back from vacation and my guppie is showing signs of pregnancy. the funny thing is that when i bought both guppies, they were labled "male". in the tank i have one bottem feeder, and a male betta. no one will be home during the day, so, what is the best, easiest thing i can do? i know bettas only have certain fish for tank mates, but he's been in the same tank for two years with both guppies, ans the bottem feeder, so i'm not worried about him, or the bottom feeder, he's just fine with the other fish. so, basically i need to get some opinions on the easiest, most efficient thing to do, given my situation. thanxz, traci.
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    You should buy a net breeding tank which shouldnt cost you that much (theyre about £1.50 over here) and put the pregnant guppy in there. put a few floating pants in with it and she should be quite content. after your holiday you may come back to lots of babies. remove the mum and put her in the main tank. You'll need to wait till the babies are at least 3?4 of an inch long before you release them.
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    Fancy guppies can remain fertile at least 3 months even if the male is gone!!! (that's how ;) )