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Anyone have guinea pigs? I have 4 boars. 2 boars are from an animal shelter. They were surrendered by someone who was probably neglecting them, as one had scruvy and both had super overgrown nails. My other pair was found by someone who was jogging and found them in a fried chicken box in October. I took them in, but one was put to sleep cuz he had heart failure. The surviving one was paired with a new friend from a local guinea pig rescue.


I used too 2-3 years back. They were alright, I fed them there pellets daily and vegetables (mainly romane lettuce) 1-3 times a week. Also had a vitamin supplement for their water. Had them in a Midwest guinea habit cage with a fleece as the bottom, meaning I had to scoop out the poop everyday. Probably the nastiest pets I've ever owned, but they weren't terrible. The noises they made were cool, but they just weren't my thing. If I can find a video or photo of them I'll post it here.

Cherie G

I love Guinea pigs! We had one years ago that was such a sweetie! We would put her in a big sock, like a guinea pig sleeping bag and take her on walks with us. Her cute little head poking out, she seemed to love it. I'd love to have one or 2 again but with 3 cats a dog and 2 aquariums we are probably at our limit for the moment. But wow what fun little creatures! Thanks for taking in them in, makes me sad to think of how some people can just dispose of any animal that way. Thankfully there are good people out there too!

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