Guinea pig skin problems


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HI there! I've posted about my two guinea pigs, Pecan and Fuzzball before. Fuzzball in the past has had a problem with skin infections where she would get some scabby bald spots that took a while to heal. I took her to the vet last summer for this problem and he assigned a medicated shampoo for a few weeks and antibiotics for one week. Fuzzball is a Peruvian, or long-haired pig, which apparently adds to the skin problems since her skin does not breathe as well as a short-haired. The problem cleared up for a couple of months but now seems to be back but not as bad. She will get one or two small scabs at a time and they will heal on their own after about 2 weeks. I have started the medicated shampoo again 2x a week, I am reluctant to take her back to the vet because I do not want her on antibiotics again unless absolutely necessary. When they take antibiotics they must also then take a yogurt like supplement with good bacteria, they can get very sick since the antibiotics strip their body of ALL bacteria, good and bad. Sorry this is so long. Anybody with experience with this please reply! Thank you.


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Hm. I'm not sure what to say...what kind of bedding does she have? Do you bathe her regularly? Have you noticed any other things that might be involved like change of diet or something? Skin ulcers can be a sign of overly dry or wet skin depending as well.

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