GT jumped out of the tank D:

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    Juanldw New Member Member

    So I came home from work and I headed straight to my aquarium cause I just love my tank and my dog, suddenly starts looking at something on the ground, it was something dark and at first I thought.. oh the cat brought a bird inside... but it was my green terror D: he had jumped form the tank.. i IMMEDIATLY placed him in the tank. and well.. he was still breathing, altho when I found him he was half dry, keeping him on a perforated container for a while because he is regaining his strength but he always sinks to tbe bottom... only been like 20 minutes since I found him so hopefully he´ll be fine :3

    -Note to self: need to buy aquarium cover.

    QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    I think you should add some Stress Coat+ to the tank.
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    iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    I would quarantine him if you can, and add stress coat/aqua safe to promote slime cover recovery.

    You need to watch him very carefully for a couple of weeks because he will likely have a swim bladder issue or some sort of parasite now (well when i say now i mean because he was weakened).

    As for a cover, any kind of netting, or glass will work
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    Dez The Betta Valued Member Member

    Aw poor fish. You need to keep an eye on him and add stress coat if you can. I wish you and your fish luck!