Gsp Tank: How Long Would This Salt Last Me? Question

Discussion in 'Puffers' started by TagTeam, Feb 13, 2019.

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    I'm considering doing a Brackish tank for a Green Spotted Puffer in a 55g.
    Assuming I'd start with a baby puffer (and therefore would need a gravity of 1.006) can someone please tell me approximately how long this purchase of 60lb marine salt should last me if I'm doing a 30% weekly water change?
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  3. nikm128Fishlore VIPMember

    Do you know how much salt you have to mix to get that salinity?
  4. TagTeamValued MemberMember

    I don’t :-/ but we just decided to not do a brackish tank yet. Gonna focus on Angels for now
  5. nikm128Fishlore VIPMember

    Well for future reference, to get to 1.025 (full salt) you mix a quarter cup (about a sixth of a pound) to every gallon of water. So that's just over a pound per 2 gallons, so roughly 7 pounds per water change, so it should last 8-9 weeks. Feel free do double check or correct my math.
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    Is that helpful enough for now? I can try and get more precise with the calculation of you like
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    Thank you but no need for now!