Gsp Has White Anus

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish Disease' started by Monmon, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Hello I recently bought two GSP and lately one has been looking very bad. Some days he would have a white belly and be swimming around, but now he is looking worse for wear. Our other one is thriving in the tank but we put the sick one in a small hospital tank until we find out what is wrong.

    He us sunken at the bottom and when he tries to swim he moves upside down and ND just does side flips. I noticed that his and is also white. It is not protruding very much but it is definitely not normal. He is almost black in colour.

    I do belive he already came with something g because he was brown when we started off with him. For a but he was well but he's gone back to this sad state and it kills me to see him not getting better.

    We have gradually put them both in brackish water and put prime and medical care for them since they're wild caught but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

    Please anyone who knows what's wrong help us. We love how playful he is when he's healthy but I fear he won't make it.
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    Can you take a pic?

    Also, you shouldn't have zero nitrates in a cycled tank. Is anything else in the tank? How did you cycle it?
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    I tried to post it in my other post but it said the picture was too big. Also he just pooped and that seemed to relax him a bit so he isn't floating upside down. In the test for nitrate it was in between light blue and light purple. We have some plants and no other fish with the two puffers but right now he is in the hospital tank.
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    How did you cycle the tank? What test are you using? I'm not familiar with a nitrate test that's blue and purple. For the API test, that's the nitrite test.
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    Oh right I'm sorry I confused the two ha. But I remember nitrate being a yellow orange colour. All tests were on the bright colours side so I take it that is a good sign. Only ph was more in the middle
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    Light purple means you have nitrites. Bright colors doesn't mean they're okay.
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    That's what I meant. Bright purple and dark purple. Sorry I'm a bit illiterate. Sadly my gsp passed. I couldn't figure out what he had. When we got him he was already very brown while our other one was bright and had a white belly. Thank you anyway.
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    I'm sorry he passed. It could be related to water quality if you have nitrites. They're very toxic.