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Further to my previous post...I am looking to set up a green spotted puffer aquascape/bioscope and have a few questions:

- what substrate would be the best/most natural in comparison to their natural habitat?

- what plants are found in their natural habitat?

- are the brackish/salt requirements different as juveniles than to adults? What is the ideal level of salt?

-my local shop has some in stock and put aside for me. They are currently in freshwater. How best to introduce the salt to the water? Presumably slowly over regular water changes as opposed to adding loads on day 1?

- the ones in the shop are currently juveniles, 1-2 inches, can I fit 6 to 8 in 120 litre tank if I intend to rehouse them into a big tank as they grow?

-what is the best diet (I know pure meat with some shell fish for their teeth but wondering about regularity/variety). Would frozen bloodworm once a day with shell fish/snails 1-2 times a week be OK? What would be optimum?

The shop have put them aside till the weekend so hoping to buy them then.

I have a freshwater tank already set up and fully cycled (was being used to raise fry) and therefore able to ‘adjust’ it to the scope in a short time frame. Though obviously it is something I want to get right and not rush.

Thank you in advance for your help!!

puffer boi

I would only do one until you get a bigger tank.
they grow to 6 inches and need brackish. bloodworms are like candy so maybe only 1 or 2 times a week.
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