Gsas Big Annual Plants, Fish, Equipment Auction - Saturday, Nov. 10th (seattle (white Center))



The Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (your local aquarium club since 1971) is having its B-I-G annual Planted Plus Auction!!

There will be aquarium plants, fish, invertebrates, and equipment! Most of the plants and fish available will be locally grown: both common and rare corys, killies, cichlids, shrimp, koi, as well as common and rare aquatic plants.

You must be a member to sell; everyone can buy: cash, credit cards, or personal checks for GSAS members

Our auction will be held at a new location this year; the White Center Eagles Club, 10452 15th Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA. The club is conveniently located about 1/2 mile from the West Seattle Bridge.

No admission charge, accessible, family friendly (but please no furry/feathered pets please), lots of free parking on premises

When? Saturday November 10th the doors open at 9:00 AM and the auction starts at 10:00 AM until ??

The money raised at this auction helps GSAS bring world class speakers to our community for our free lecture series presented at our regular meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. In the past year we have offered presentations by following internationally known speakers: Bart Laurens, Rachel O'Leary, Ad Konings, Karen Randall, Oliver Lucanus, Lawrence Kent, Chuck Rambo, Tom Barr, Gary Lange, Dick Au, Ted Judy, Christel Kasselmann, Ian Fuller, Mike Wise, Greg Sage, Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, and Klaus Steinhaus just to name a few.

What can you expect? Last year we had over 400 items which were sold in a little less than 3 hours....the pace is fast and furious!! There will be tons of plants; most of them grown by GSAS members and some nice specimen plants purchased from one of the country's best aquarium plant nurseries. Along with the plants there is member-spawned fish, freshwater shrimp, maybe an axolotl or two. Also used / extra tanks, filters, and heater. We are generously sponsored by many of the local fish stores and numerous aquarium supply manufacturers.

See our web page at for more information.

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Buce, Crypts, Rainbowfish, Live Foods, Lights, Filters, Tanks

HI All,

As of this afternoon over 400 items have been registered, by the time we start the auction tomorrow at 10:00 (doors open at 9:00) we could easily have 600+ items making this our largest auction ever! You will not want to miss out! Even with two (2) auctioneers it is going to be a several hour event. If you can't stay for the whole auction $1 pushes an item from the auction tables to the front of the line for auctioning.

I know that there will be Buce, Crypts, large swordplants (including Melon, Indian Red, Red Flame, Red Melon, Red Rubin, and "Atlandsberg"), Rainbowfish, Live Foods, Lights, Filters, Tanks way too much to list. I hope to see you there!
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HI All,

Well the big GSAS auction is over. Thank you to the 150+ folks that attended and bid on the 800 items offered; it was our 2nd best auction ever! What is even more amazing is the runner volunteers that fed our two non-stop auctioneers for five (5) hours, the crew of registrars, bid recorders, cashiers, and our IT guy to put together the real-time auction system allowing folks to check-in, register items for the auction, and check out at any point during the auction period.

Some of the items that caught my eye, and a little bit of my wallet were:

Tom Barr Erio 'Vomit Blood'
Tom Barr Eriocaulon ratnagerico
A nice selection of TC Buce and member tank raised Buce
Anubias Nana Petite "White"
Madagascar Lace Plants
A large assortment of large sword plants
Just about every common species of moss, stems, and rosette plants and some 'rares' as well

Thank you all that participated for one of our best auctions ever!


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