Gsas B-i-g Annual General Auction - 2017

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  1. SeattleRoyWell Known MemberMember

    GSAS B-I-G Annual General Auction

    The Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (your local aquarium club since 1971) is having its B-I-G annual General Auction!!

    This is no "small time auction", last year over 500 items were auctioned in a little over 5-1/2 hours, over 2.5 items per minute! There will be new and used equipment (plants/fish/substrate/lights/filters/tanks/ stands/etc) mostly freshwater but marine folk can score great deals too - we never know what will show up! Most of the plants and fish available will be locally grown: corys, killies, cichlids, shrimp, koi, common and rare aquatic plants (No WA prohibited plants).

    You must be a member to sell; everyone can buy: cash and credit cards are accepted; for GSAS members personal checks are also accepted

    Our auction will be held at the same larger location we have used the last four years. It will be at the West Seattle Christian Church Gymnasium, 4400 42nd Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA. The church is conveniently located at the intersection of SW. Genesee St. and 42nd Ave. SW just 6 blocks from the West Seattle Bridge.

    No admission charge, accessible, family friendly (but no furry/feathered pets please), lots of free parking

    The auction is Saturday April 22rd the auction starts at 10:00 until ??; Registration and Check-in starts at 9:00; early check out available

    The money raised at this auction helps GSAS bring world class speakers to our community for our free lecture series presented at our regular meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. In the last year we have offered presentations by Ad Konings, Karen Randall, Oliver Lucanus, Lawrence Kent, Chuck Rambo, Tom Barr, Gary Lange, Dick Au, Ted Judy, Christel Kasselmann, Mike Wise, Greg Sage, Ian Fuller, Rusty Wessel, Juan Asas, Dr. Paul Loiselle, Mark Duffill, and Barbie Fiorentino just to name a few. Please help us to continue to bring these world class speakers to the Seattle area!

    We are generously sponsored by many of the local aquarium shops and numerous aquarium supply manufacturers.

    See our web page at or our Facebook page for more information.

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  2. SeattleRoyWell Known MemberMember

    Hi All,

    Well we still have a few more days until the auction on Satruday; doors open at 9:00 auctions starts at 10:00. 150 items already pre-registered and along with our national donors our LFS are donating some excellent items as well. Hope to see you there!
  3. SeattleRoyWell Known MemberMember

    Hi All,

    Tomorrow, doors open at 9:00 and auction starts at 10:00 - don't miss the largest aquatic auction in the Northwest!

  4. SeattleRoyWell Known MemberMember

    Hi All,

    First to all of you that showed up - thank you helping us have our second best aution ever! We had about 180 folks show up, 125 bidders, 600 items sold at the rate of 2.5 items per minute! Best of all we raised sufficient funds to continue to bring high quality national and international speakers to the Northwest. We thank everyone that attended and helped to support the club - especially our local GSAS Sponsor Stores that contributed tanks, lights, filters, gift certificates, plants, and promotion!

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