Grr Ferrets!!!!


I have one, I call him buddy. Sweetest thing ever but such a pain in the tookus. Everyday, he digs his entire food bowl out all over the floor. I have tried 3 different types of bowls, hang ons, I currently have one of those that you fill from the top and it slides out the bottom, well he just keeps digging till the entire food thing is on the floor of his cage. He has a rice box in his cage, he has 2 levels all to himself, has tons of toys, plenty of food, squeaky things, etc. You know how much food I throw away and it is not cheap food.

Then, I spend 140 bux for new bedding for his cage since he had ripped the old set to shreds pretty much. I put it on. The bugger somehow opens the velcro on the side of the trays, and digs inside it. I am so afraid he is going to get stuck in there.

He also chews his water bowl constantly.

It is hard to let him out too much because he goes behind my dryer and rips at my dryer vent which causes the dryer fumes to come into my room and feasibly he could crawl into the inside of the dryer. I also have a big dog who loves him but a I worry he will hurt him because he is so little, so I have really monitor his play time out of his cage.

He is horrible. No way to close him away from the dryer room, no door on the room.

He is just a monster, but I love him. Horrible horrible monster, but he is so cute it does not matter one bit. He will be the death of me, LOL. I might start drinking. Horrible picture but the bugger refuses to stay still for 2 seconds.


Pretty boi

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