Growing White Spot on Betta-Fish Tuberculosis


Hi all! So I wanted to give an update here just in case anyone has gone through the same exhausting process I have in order to diagnose my betta fish. About a year and a half ago, I brought home a very sickly betta (visit my other posts for reference). Eventually I was able to nurse him back to health and he began to show beautiful colors again, with the exception of a white spot on the base of his caudal fin. This white spot was resistant to all medications and only continued to grow. Despite this, he continued to be active, created bubble nests regularly, and had a hearty appetite.

At about the 9 month mark of having him, the white spot grew so large that began to cover his body. A brown tumor-like mass grew out of the white and eventually it caused the loss of the top part of his tail. At this point, I called the fish vet to see what could be done. I had tried so many different medications and baths and the spot responded to nothing. After Grumpy's appointment, the vet concluded it was most likely Fish Tuberculosis and the tumor that emerged was most likely a secondary infection due to a lowered immunity. Bad news is fish TB isn't curable :( Good news though is that Grump-Grump is still alive and thriving (even though he is missing part of his tail) and now I have a better idea of how exactly to care for a fish with a terminal disease. I don't expect him to live much longer, but the vet has been able to provide me with so much information and proper antibiotics to help improve Grumpy's quality of life and keep the disease manageable for as long as possible. I'm not expecting miracles, but a year and nine months with fish TB is pretty impressive for a tiny betta... and he's still as active and playful as he has always been. Hopefully he still has a few more months in him, as he is my only fish and I love him dearly!

Anyway, the hardest part of this process was finding images of what different diseases look like (I'm aware its different for every fish, but I found absolutely nothing that looked like what was happening to Grumpy), so I thought it might help someone out there to see what it has looked like for him. So below are pictures of Grumpy!


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