Growing Moss

  1. McGoo Member Member

    So I purchased this moss from a local fish store. It's not 1-2 grow or anything, but they grow and sell it in house. I'm not 100% sure what they called it. They grow it on what looks to be a stainless steel mesh. So far I've placed it on some driftwood, but decided to move it to a rock tonight. Now what I want is for it to kinda blanket the rock as if in a natural environment. Does anyone know what I should be doing with this? Should I be trimming it short? I don't know if it's growing longer, or just letting go of the mesh, and floating and falling apart. Can anybody help ?

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  2. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Can you get a picture of it under brighter lighting and slightly closer? That looks a lot like brown algae right now...

  3. McGoo Member Member

    Sure, here a brighter pic..

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  4. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Honestly it still looks a bit like algae lol maybe it's just me? Is it quite firm and does it have distinct strands of plant matter?
    If so, my best guess is java moss. In my experience moss doesn't actually attach to things very well initially, you might have to take small portions off the mesh and superglue them to the rock. Even then it tends to grow out into the water rather than attaching to surrounding hardscape, though java moss is one of the ones that has an easier time attaching. You can keep trimming and regluing if it doesn't cover the rock on its own.

  5. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    They sell moss on that medh here in china as well. Its normall just tied on with fishing line so you can either untie it and glue it on your hardscape or give it a haircut and glue the bits that come off and use the mesh to grow more.
  6. jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    My first bunch of java moss I tied to a piece of slate. No new growth for weeks, I was ready to give up. I did nothing. Now the stuff grows like crazy. I have so much. I even trade it to my LFS for credit. When I do my water gardening, I just separate sections and tie up to another rock or tie in ball and attach to suction cup and let float. 1st pic just planted. 2nd pic after 6 weeks.

    Java Moss.png Java Moss 6 weeks.png

  7. McGoo Member Member

    Ok, I tried again to get a better picture, so I can show the structure in some of the strands. I zoomed in with the camera on my phone but it gets a little fuzzy, hopefully it can be seen. If you look closely to the right, there is a strand that comes out, next to the broad leaf. It kind of looks a little serrated, and there are a few strands that all look like this. Maybe someone can figure out what it is?

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  8. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Oooh okay I see. I really don't know if it's java moss or some other type, @Jocelyn Adelman any ideas?
  9. Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    I believe it's fissidens covered in hair algae... you need to pull the algae from the plant or it will die off soon, that's a lot! If some of the fissidens comes off as well you could always re wrap it to the mesh.

    Mine doesn't need to be trimmed, stays short. Only time to trim would be for a particular effect in a professional type aquascape. Mine prefers faster moving waters, good lighting, and good ferts. (Best area of mine is on driftwood higher to light near hob). Does fine without pressurized co2 of excel. Compared to mosses it's slower growing, and takes a bit of time to truly adjust to your tank (won't die off, just won't grow much) but once it does it tends to spread horizontally vs vertically.