Growing Massive Goldfish

  1. m

    matija Valued Member Member

    I saw people growing goldfish to grow over 12 inches and thinked that i one .if somebody can tell me nedeed size of pond and food and other things i need to grow them to that massive proportions
  2. s

    sylvie New Member Member

    It's mostly just space and getting a quality fish in the first place.
  3. bryangar

    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Goldfish naturally grow that big. Well commons and comets do. Give it more than enough space and filtration. Give it quality food. A bunch of water changes and you’ll have a beautiful goldfish. Tank size would be 75+ gallons preferably a pond on hundreds of gallons. The fancy goldfish only get to 8-9 inches though but they look way better IMO.
  4. TheeLadyG

    TheeLadyG Valued Member Member

    Actually I just saw an amazing video twlking about this very subject. There is an *excellent * YouTube channel called Solid Gold Aquatics and that lady knows what she's talking about.

    This has some very useful info and tips about growing really big fish and why hers are so big.

  5. OP

    matija Valued Member Member

    My pond is 2 meters long 1 meter wide and 56 cm high is it enogh