29 Gallon Tank Growing grass from seed


We just started a new 29 gal long tank and are trying to grow a carpet plant from seed. Its the end of day 4 and its growing well but it seems like they are getting tall instead of staying low to the ground like I thought they would. Does anyone have advice for me, maybe I am doing something wrong. This is our first tank we are doing this to. I used fluval plant and shrimp stratum, i bought a floramax plant bulb to put into the light fixture. I added a picture.


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What kind of seeds? Apparently they are rarely as labeled.
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Unfortunately, these seeds aren't aquatic and will die when submerged for more than a few weeks. There are no commercially available carpet plant seeds that are aquatic, since collecting seed from truly aquatic carpeting plants is nearly impossible.

For a truly aquatic carpet that is fairly easy, I'd highly recommend looking into pearlweed and dwarf sagittaria.
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