Growing Bonsai Parrot

  1. Wendy Lubianetsky

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    Bonsai FH 001.jpg

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    Bonsai FH 007.jpg

    Bonsai FH 008.jpg

    Bonsai FH 009.jpg After being totally stunted the first half of his life, I adopted a Bonsai Parrot Cichlid. He is a year old, and only 3 inches long. But here are some of dated photos of my love child! They are not the best pictures, because I am not the best photographer and he won't hold still.
  2. Aquarist

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    What a beautiful fish!

    Being a hybrid species, I don't know that the fish is actually stunted in growth. I have a Bloody Parrot juvenile close to 2 years old and is barely 3" long. With Hybrid species, you just never know what size the fish will end up being.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm glad the fish is doing well :)