Grow out tubs


can anyone please give me some ideas on the cheapest way to set up grow out tubs? especially filtration also water movement or air i really dont want to buy $180 pond filters as far as the size its going have to be as big as i can fit through my 32" by 7' doors going in the basement im thinking watering troughs ill take some grow out tub ideas also cause i seen some of them troughs cost $200 also


Maybe some rubbermaid tubs or something similar with sponge filters.


I have seen collapsible water tanks before - something similar to this though I am completely unaware of the price, and not sure I would want something like this in my basement.

I have thought about this myself and I think you will be hard-pressed to find anything cheaper then 100-200 bucks per unit to safely hold the large volumes it sounds like you want, outside of maybe kiddie pools?

If this is something longer term that you will be using or a DIY person - I would look at constructing something, you could use plywood/framing to basically make a large box then line it with pool liner. It will be the most cost efficient per gallon method that I can think of. I would look at monsterfishtanks for ideas on "plywood tanks" with pool liners and modify it to your needs.

Filtration - really depends on what you are putting in there, again cheapest methods are either a DIY pond filter unit depending on size of grow outs you actually end up with, or a decent sized air pump with a bunch of large sponge filters and power heads for water movement. I would also look into some really quick growing plants, I have heard willow branches, once they grow roots soak up massive amounts of nutrients.

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