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    BYFishy New Member Member


    Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the wealth of information here.

    I started a 29G tank a week ago with the help of my local pet store and the loads of information here.

    I have (First pet of any kind) 3 Bloodfin Tetras, a sunburst wag platy, and 2 guppies who look lively and happy. Been testing the water everyday to make sure it stays that way. Everyday is a learning experience that I am excited to tackle. I can hardly wait to get more tetras so they can be a happy school.

    BTW the iphone app for the forum is awesome! I can sit with the fishys and read/learn from the forums at the same time.
  2. Coradee

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    Welcome, you sound like you're well on the way to fish & fishlore addiction ;)
  3. OP

    BYFishy New Member Member

    I'd say so. I visited 7 different pet stores in the first 5 days. I even delayed 4th of July festivities to goto one. Haha
  4. Fishy Friends

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    Hi BYFishy. ..welcome to Fishlore! I know you will enjoy the forum as all of us do!

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