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Phil T. Wolfe

Hello, I'm new here. I currently have two 55 gallon tanks, one 40-gallon breeder, one 20-gallon Long, two 10-gallon tanks and one 5-gallon Betta tank. I'm in the process of setting up a new 29-gallon tank and also a 75-gallon tank. All of my tanks are freshwater setups.

Here's a list of some of the types of creatures my wife and I currently have:
1 axolotl
1 blood parrot cichlid
1 blue gourami
3 glass cats
several platies
1 dalmation molly
several cories (emerald, bronze, panda & bandit)
2 yoyo loaches
3 black khulI loaches
6 giant danios
a school of von rio tetras
a school of red eye tetras
odessa barbs
celestial pearl danios
electric blue crayfish
nerite snails
mystery snails
ghost shrimp

In the past I've kept many other types of freshwater fish including fancy goldfish and Bolivian rams, etc.

I have several unused tanks that I may or may not setup at some point. My wife gets annoyed with my hobby. She enjoys her crayfish tank, and also her axolotl tank, but that's about it.

I enjoy reading the forums and learning from others.


Welcome! And how big is "6 giant danios" ?

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